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CatioLift Treatment - The non-surgical face lift


All CatioVital treatments involve the perfect combination of CatioVital's drainage, lifting and optional ionization features with the benefits of Dermalogica's Award Winning AgeSmart products.


The Mary Cohr exclusive high technology treatment method:

                  Draining maneuvers detoxify the tissues, drain lymphatic fluids and boost the vital functions.

Muscle Stimulation lifts the features by working each muscle to improve its tone, fill out the wrinkle furrow and firm the skin.


Results:  After the very first treatment, the lifting effect is spectacular! The face oval is redefined, the skin is toned and the features are smoothed.

Skin type:   The specific "Lift" treatment is recommended for mature skin types and those concerned with ageing and prevention.

Treatment Cure:  For optimal results a series of 6 treatments is recommended.  Twice a week for three weeks or once a week for six weeks and then once per month for maintenance. 


                                                            Single Treatment                                                                     $115

                                                            Treatment Series (Six Intensive Treatments)              $575                                                        


CatioVital Ionization Face and Eye Treatment Add-on


The benefits of the CatioVital Ionization treatments adapted to the face and eye contour area:


Gentle ionization optimizes the penetration of the anti-wrinkle active ingredients for in-depth skin care of the face and eyes.

Relaxing massage movements with anti-fatigue properties for the eyelids and dark circles.

Results:  Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.  Signs of Fatigue disappear and your eyes are brighter. 



                                                                                     CatioVital Ioniztion Face and Eye Add-on          $30

                                                                                  CatioVital Ionization Eye Add-on                         $20